War Memorial Museum Seoul
War Memorial Museum - Adam Gregory
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In our opinion, one of the best museums in Seoul, this is apparently Korea’s only museum to be dedicated to the theme of war, and if you are keen to find out a little more about the history of the Korean War, then this is the place to come. Scores of exhibition rooms and interactive displays will keep you occupied for a whole afternoon, or maybe even longer.

Over 9,000 items are on display in a total of 7 exhibition rooms, including over 200 kinds of weapons. In front of the museum’s entrance, you can also see tanks and planes, as well as one of Korea’s most famous and iconic monuments: a statue depicting the true story of two brothers who, after being separated during the Korean War, met face to face on a battlefield; one fighting for North Korea, and one for the South. They famously cried and hugged each other in the middle of the battle, and the statue captures this moment. It is very moving to behold.

Movies also play inside the museum in different languages, giving more of a visual guide as to what went on during the country’s time of civil war. This is one of few museums which has a lot to offer the English s peaker – and although not everything is translated into English, the visuals and the movie narrations provide a great deal of useful information for western visitors.