Siloam Sauna Seoul
Oxygen Room at Siloam Sauna - Chris Backe Overall Rating

The Siloam sauna can be found a few hundred meters from Seoul Station. Their focus on saunas, cold rooms, oxygen rooms, and plenty of areas to relax is nice - combine that with the bathing areas for each gender, and perhaps even a body scrub from the attendant.

Located within walking distance of Seoul Station, the Siloam sauna is a great place to crash if you're on a budget. There is also plenty more going on here than just your typical ‘bath and hot room’. Six floors cover everything from the gender-segregated bathing areas to sleeping rooms. The third floor contains a fitness center freely open to paying guests, a couple of different noraebang (singing) rooms depending on the size of your party, and some snacks for sale to help you to stave off those hunger pangs.

Go back to the second floor for a fully-fledged Korean restaurant, or up to the fifth floor if it's time to sleep. There's plenty of bunkbeds in gender-segregated rooms, along with a 'snore' room (코골이방, or ko-gol-ee-bang) if you're one of those sleepers.