North East Seoul South Korea
Dongdaemun Fortress' East Gate - Chris Backe

The northeastern districts of Seoul are surrounded by mountains and therefore some great scenery can be found in this area. As with Seoul as a whole, the area is not lacking in busy, bustling districts, where shopping and restaurants can be found in abundance. However, escape from the city streets can be found in places like the beautiful Bukhansan National Park, and Seoul Forest. For the kids (big and small) Children’s Grand Park offers not only an escape from busy streets, but plenty of entertainment and fun too!

Hangeul names and brief descriptions of the districts are as follows:
Ganbuk-gu (very northern district): 강북구
Dobong-gu (most northerly district in Seoul, nearby to Dobongsan Mountain): 도봉구
Nowon-gu (the most northeasterly district in Seoul, and with the highest population density in the city): 노원구
Seongbuk-gu (just south of the above 3 districts): 성북구
Dongdaemun-gu (located just south of Seongbuk-gu, this famous district is home to the Dongdaemun shopping area): 동대문구
Seongdong-gu (just north of the Han River): 성동구
Gwangjin-gu (northeast of the Han River, home to the Konkuk University area, Children’s Grand Park and zoo, and a flourishing shopping district): 광진구
Jungnang-gu (just north of Gwangjin-gu): 중랑구