N Seoul Tower Seoul
The brightly lit tower - Adam Gregory
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The N Seoul Tower is one of Seoul’s most iconic and recognizable symbols, and is one of those places that most tourists will surely include on their Seoul itinerary. It’s location on Namsan Mountain makes it a great vantage point for viewing the city and it’s skyline in all its glory.

There are five floors inside the tower – the 5th one being a revolving restaurant serving expensive steaks, and the main observatory being located on the 3rd floor. The observatory is pretty typical of many others found in cities worldwide: a circular room with floor-length glass windows, and markers in all compass directions informing visitors of the distance they currently stand from the world’s most major cities. The only disappointment we felt when we visited was that the windows were very grubby and covered in fingerprints – it was early evening and it looked like they hadn’t been cleaned all day. Didn’t make for the greatest photographs!

However, the views over Seoul are impressive, giving the visitor a sense of just how vast the city really is. Predictably, it is particularly nice to head to the observation deck at sunset – get there early though to avoid the huge crowds!!!