Myeongdong Seoul
One of the shopping streets - Chris Backe Overall Rating

One of Seoul’s busiest shopping neighbourhoods, and an excellent place to people watch. Although the brick-and-mortar stores populate the several-square-block area, the street vendors often bring the most life to the party. When it’s time to escape the overcrowded streets, find any of the coffee houses to get an overview of the crowd. Grab some dinner while you’re here – there’s a little something for everyone, and usually enough menus in English (or Japanese) – to help you order correctly.

Welcome to Myeong-dong - home to entire square blocks of nothing but shopping. Whether you prefer shopping with a street vendor, in western chain stores, or even underground (a totally different feeling altogether), it's all here, and it's all close.

Start off by heading out of the Myeongdong subway station - almost any exit out of the station will do. You'll get sucked in almost immediately - there's that much to see. It's easy to get started - just walk along, take a left or right, and wander some more. You'll find a wide array of clothing, lingerie, food, drinks, and so on.