Lotte World Seoul
Looking down at the ice rink - Adam Gregory Overall Rating

Lotte World is located by Jamsil Subway Station in Seoul, and is a large indoor and outdoor complex with a theme park, ice rink, restaurants, parades and a folk museum on site. The indoor (main) section of the complex is housed inside a large glass dome – the idea being that customers feel as though they are outdoors.

If you’re looking for crazy thrills and death-defying rollercoasters, then Lotte World may not be your first choice, as it is more geared towards families and there are many small children’s rides everywhere. However, if you have time to spare and want to go – don’t let that put you off! When you first enter the theme park, it seems as though the place is very small with not a huge amount to offer, but on closer inspection, you will find loads of attractions to keep both kids and adults entertained for hours – there are even a couple of rollercoasters which are fairly fast (try the Giant Loop), and a large outdoor freefall ride (the Gyro Drop).

Lotte World makes for a fun, romantic date destination; a great place to take the kids; or an entertaining way to spend the day with some friends. The Ice Rink is charged separately and is also worth a visit.