Children's Grand Park North East Seoul
A picturesque pond and pavilion - Chris Backe Overall Rating

Opened on May 5, 1973, Children's Grand Park covers 560,000 square meters (over six million square feet, or 138 acres) and is dedicated (obviously) to children.

The area originally held the grave of the wife of King Sunjong, the last emperor of the Joseon Dynasty. She died in 1904, three years before her husband became emperor, and was posthumously named Empress Sunmyeonghyo. Her tomb was relocated in 1926 when the Emperor died, and she was moved to be next to him. After her tomb was vacated, the area was used as a golf field before being sold to the Seoul City Government and renovated as Children's Grand Park.

These days, the area is full of life (and overactive kids), and it's a great place to meander through and see some animals along the way (or kids behaving like animals, if you prefer).

Highlights include a picturesque pond with a pavilion, a children’s playground, and a rather large botanical centre. The park is also well known for its zoo – which offers camel rides for 5,000 won, as well as the chance to see monkeys, tigers, brown bears and wallabies, among other animals.