Gwangju (광주) Jeollanam-do
The view from Mudeung Mountain

Gwangju (official name: Gwangju Metropolitan City) is South Korea’s 6th largest city, and although self-governed, is geographically located in the area of Jeollanam Province (south west Korea).
About 1.5 million people fill this busy city, and there is lots to see and do. It’s position on the KTX line also makes it within easy reach of Seoul.

Weather in Gwangju is typical of most of Korea – hot and humid in summer, and pretty cold in winter. However, due to its location in the south west of the country, Gwangju enjoys slightly warmer winter temperatures than some other areas of South Korea.

Gwangju is home to many schools and universities (such as Chonnam National University). Over a hundred elementary schools litter the city, as well as many middle and high schools, making Gwangju home to many foreign English teachers and expats.

A regular magazine (Gwangju News) is published in English and aims to give foreigners in the area information on the city and its events. Check out their Facebook group for more information.