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General Page Layout

Each page has a top picture banner which contains the South Korea travel guide logo. The picture banner links to a gallery of the images that are displayed on the banner. The picture banner on each page will differ depending on the province that the page is referring to. On all pages in the site, the logo links to the home page.
Each page also has a top links section which links to the main pages on the site and also contains the social networking links.
The content of each page will differ, but will generaly consisit of one or more of the following elements. A heading and introductory text, a map showing points of interest, a contribute section, a top picks section and the content of the page.
Each page has a bottom links section which has links to other main pages of the website, and also links to the home page.

Top Links Section

The top links section with 'Towns' Selected and 'Gangwon' Selected on the sub menu

The Top Links section is displayed at the top of every page and contains links to the main section pages in the site. Some pages also have a sub menu which contains further links that apply to that section. The selected item will be highlighted in the opposing colour (red or blue) to the menu. This menu bar also contains links to the social networking sites, so check them out if you want to keep updated on everything that gets updated on the site!

Bottom Links Section

The bottom links section appears on all pages on the site

The Bottom Links section is displayed at the bottom of every page and contians links to the main general information pages on the site. These links cover the About, Contact and Help areas of the site. Don't forget to check out the Contribute section if you have any information to be added to the site or anything that needs updating. There is alos a link back to the home page on this too.


A map with 'Chuncheon' information displayed
An item listing with 'Jeongseon' higlighted

A number of pages contain a maps section, which has an interactive google map with places of interest marked on it. These maps will hopefully help you to identify where things are located just that little bit easier!
Each map contains Map Markers or Map Areas which identify points of interest. The markers have different icons based on the type of point they are marking. Placing your mouse over the point will bring up the heading of the point, and clicking on the point or the area will pop-up a description bubble with a description and generally a link to the point of interest.

Item Listings

Item listings are displayed on a number of pages and generally accompany a map. The list displayed is the same as the items on the map, just in text form. The list is displayed in alphabetical order and the items will be highlighted as you mouse over them. Simply select the item that takes your interest by clicking on it.

Top Picks

The top picks section for South Korea

Many of the main pages contain a top picks section, which shows the top picks for the region that the main page is referring to. Use these as an easy way to select articles of interest by clicking on the Heading or on the 'Read More' link. Some items may not be linked as there is no corresponding page with these details as yet. Never fear though, we are adding items on the website almost daily!!

The layout of a bus schedule page

Bus Schedules

We have attempted to make the Bus Schedule pages as easy to use as possible.
Rather than having to scroll through numerous pages of schedules, the information you seek is now only a click away.
Simply select the Bus Schedule for the bus terminal or area of interest, then a list of destinations from the selected location is displayed.
Clicking on one of these destinations will display the information in the box below, detailing the times the bus runs, the price (if known) and the journey time (if known).

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