Daegu International Bodypainting Festival
A model being given the final touches - Chris Backe
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In August 2008, Daegu hosted the first ever Asian Bodypainting Festival (Daegu International Bodypainting Festival or DIBF), a sister event of the World Bodypainting Festival in Seeboden, Austria. It has been going strong ever since, and is now one of Daegu’s most famous arts festivals. Events include body art (stating the obvious!), henna, face painting, exotic foods, nail art, dancing, music concerts, fireworks and various exhibitions.

As one might notice at a body painting festival, there’s plenty of paint, a touch of toplessness, and some awesome artwork. Taking the human body and using it as a canvas is definitely interesting, but I had yet to see this interesting artistic technique up-close and personal. The Daegu International Body Painting Festival was the answer. There was quite a bit of excellent art.

We arrived at Duryu Park a bit earlier than needed – while it was nice to see things at a relative calm, there was nothing going on in the early afternoon. Sure, there were people selling professional supplies along with completely unrelated stuff (garlic, anyone?) When the show isn’t until 7:30pm and it takes several hours to paint the model, the first hour or so was spent aimlessly meandering – it happens that way sometimes. Once things got started, there was plenty to see.