Anyang (안양) Gyeonggi-do
Anyang's Central Park - Lana Wright

Anyang is located in Gyeonggi-do, about 35 miles south of Seoul. It also lies to the East of Ansan and Incheon, and to the north of Suwon. It is a fair-sized city, with a population of around 630,000 people. There are a fairly large number of westerners in the area, due to the wealthy districts being home to many hagwons (private language academies).

The older, original downtown neighborhood of Anyang is Manan Gu, and is also the area which surrounds the Anyang Subway Station. This is in the west of the city. Dongan Gu, which is towards the east of Anyang, is the newer, wealthier downtown neighborhood, and includes the suburb of Pyeongchon, as well as City Hall.

Anyang has a typical Korean climate, facing very cold, sometimes snowy winters, and hot, humid summers. The wet season is also in summertime – and July and August can be a little rainy. It’s proximity to Seoul (it’s on the subway lines) makes it an attractive and commutable place to live for many people with jobs in the capital – and it’s nearby KTX station makes the rest of Korea easy to explore too.

For more detailed information on Anyang and it’s history, visit it’s Wikipedia page here.