Wonju (원 주) Gangwon-do
Rodeo Street in Wonju

Wonju is located in central Korea, in the South West of the Gangwon Province (Gangwon-do). The city is neighboured by Yeongwol and Pyeongchang on the East, and Yeoju and Yangpyeong (Gyeonggi-do province) on the West. It also borders Hoengseong county to the North and Chungju and Jecheon to the South.

Wonju is the biggest city in Gangwon-do, bigger even than Chuncheon, it’s capital. In fact, Wonju was once the ancient capital of the Gangwon Province, holding the title for 500 years during the Joseon Dynasty. It’s population is a little over 300,000, and growing.

Wonju is not the most beautiful of places - full of many grey, drab looking buildings and high rise blocks – but is beloved by many Koreans and foreigners alike, due to it’s friendly nature and abundance of activities.

It’s slogan ‘Healthy Wonju’ reflect’s the city’s participation in the World Health Organisation’s ‘Healthy City’ scheme, which strives to improve the surroundings and health of the local residents, whilst promoting sustainable development.

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