Wonju Tattoo Wonju
The Wonju Tattoo - Claire Dicalo
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This annual military band festival takes place in Wonju city every September and lasts around 5 days. Bands perform from all over the world in the city’s tattoo stadium, and the evening features many different styles of music, as well as a little singing and dancing!

Hailing from Scotland, military tattoos are events which are close to my heart, as Edinburgh holds a huge one each year in its castle. I was unsure what to expect from a Korean version, but decided to check it out, hopeful that it would live up to my expectations.

My friends and I were able to purchase tickets just a day before the event, nabbing excellent seats just a couple of rows from the front. We went for the most expensive tickets (which were only 5,000 won each!), and I wondered whether the low price and high availability may be a bad omen for what was to come…

However, we were not disappointed! The evening was a fantastic display of the talents of bands hailing from Korea, the Phillipines, New Zealand, the USA, Mexico and Thailand. Some of the performers were mere school students, and wowed the audience with their professionalism and musical ability. Despite the drizzly weather turning the open air stadium into a very slippery stage, the performers remained gracefully calm as they expertly entertained the crowd.