Taebaeksan (Mountain) Taebaek
Rocky cairn at the summit - Claire Dicalo
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After hearing so much from friends who’d hiked this mountain, and seeing their gorgeous pictures, I decided that after 6 months living just a short bus ride away from Taebaeksan (태백산), it was probably about time that I gave a hike a go!

So, on a gorgeously sunny July morning, off I went with a friend to explore what we had been advised was one of the most beautiful and rewarding hikes offered by the mountain – the journey to Munsubong (문수봉) Peak.

However, every time an old Korean couple strode past me with the agility of someone half their age, it gave me the inspiration to keep going!

The views as we neared the top made everything worthwhile, and the 1,517m high summit itself was like being in another world.

A huge, rocky cairn with stunning views over the surrounding mountains, and terrain which we had to almost crawl over to make our way from one side to the other in the strong windy conditions.