Haesindang Park (Penis Park) Samcheok
Haesindang Park - Claire Dicalo
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Haesindang Park (more commonly - and creatively - known among Westerners as ‘The Penis Park’) is around 20km (12 miles) from the centre of Samcheok, and is, as the name would suggest, a park full of penises!!! Before you write this off as some kind of sleaze fest, or scoff at the immaturity of wishing to visit the area; take a moment to digest the story behind the park…

Legend has it that, some time ago, a young virgin threw herself into the ocean here, and drowned. Around the same time, the local fisherman began to notice a steep decline in the numbers of fish they were catching. The fish, it seemed, had all but disappeared. Concluding (as anyone would!) that the young girl’s spirit was haunting the ocean; angry and frustrated after dying a virgin, the locals decided to take drastic action to appease said spirit. And what does a virgin spirit want most??

Well, you can probably use your imagination here……. So a park was constructed, full to the brim with phallic monuments and statues. Meanwhile, the local men were encouraged to (ahem) ‘relieve’ themselves in the ocean, thus providing some very real offerings for this virgin ghost to sample!