Jeungsan (증산) Gangwon-do
Jeungsan from the train station - John Kozyra

Jeungsan is located in Jeongseon County in Gangwon Province, South Korea. It is a small village of approximately 1,000 people tucked in between the mountains and next to a river. It is located about 30 minutes from Yemi (에미) and Gohan (고한) by bus or train. Like other small towns in the area, Jeungsan historically was a mining town, but has since been primarily a small agricultural village with local places for snow skiing and boarding.

In Jeungsan, there are many small crops and sometimes you will find people selling local produce (mostly corn, hot peppers, garlic, and cabbage) or fish. However, there is no set schedule for a market. It is best to visit one of the small markets or Family Mart on the main street in town. You will quickly notice that the majority of buildings are motels (모탤) or guest homes (민박). Many say that this village is a satellite city to the more famous Sabuk and Gohan. The nicest hotel in Jeungsan is L’Casino Hotel. Jeungsan has 4 distinct seasons. Winter is especially cold and snow-covered. Summer is fairly warm and humid, with occasional rain.

Overall, it’s a lovely small town full of many nice people. It’s certainly a bit reminiscent of times past in Korea, fully clothed in traditional agriculture, etiquette, language and lifestyle. Perhaps it is good for a short stop to hike Mindungsan and experience the country-side in Korea, while en route to larger towns like Jeongseon, Gohan, Taebaek, or Gangneung.