Jeongseon Rail Bike Jeongseon
The Jeongseon Rail Bike - Claire Dicalo Overall Rating

The Jeongseon Rail Bike is a popular tourist destination in Jeongseon County, Gangwon-do, and you will probably see it’s image displayed on many posters advertising the region. The activity involves pedalling a two person car down an old railway track through the mountains, taking in rivers, tunnels, and (in true Korea tacky style!) some random plastic dinosaurs.

The ride is leisurely – don’t expect any white knuckle type thrills! I’ve been told that the average speed is around 15km/hr, and the track is 7.2 kilometres long. But on a nice day, the scenery is lovely and the ride enjoyable. If you go in a large group, you can still ride pretty close to each other, as around 50 of the railbikes depart at once, so just make sure you sit in the cars in front of/behind each other. It makes for a nice bonding experience, either as a couple, or as a group, and it’s one of those activities that everyone who comes to this area does at least once.

At the boarding area (Gujeol-ri Station), there is a café named ‘A Grasshopper’s Dream.’ Appropriately, the café is in the shape of a grasshopper, and is made from an old train carriage. You board the railbike right next to this café.