High One Resort Gangwon-do
The view from High One Restort - Adam Gregory
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High 1 Resort, arguably one of Korea’s most famous and popular ski and leisure resorts, is located between Gohan and Sabuk in Jeogseon County, Gangwon-do, and enjoys large numbers of visitors throughout the year. It is home to 18 ski slopes (including one ‘dry’ ski slope for Summer use), multiple hotels and condos, a beautiful golf course and country club, restaurants (including a revolving one on top of the mountain), hiking trails, cinema, spa, swimming pool, ‘Mountain Spa’ outdoor hot spring, Asia’s biggest musical fountain and Kangwon Land Casino – the only casino in Korea where both Koreans and foreigners are allowed to gamble. There is also a large water park there (‘Waterpolis’), which is under construction, and due for completion in 2012.

The resort spans most of Gohan’s mountains and stretches into nearby Sabuk - and although obviously coming to life in winter, it still has much to offer throughout the year. Foreigners in the area are most likely to be found in the Kangwon Land Gym and Fitness Centre. If you are a ‘gym bunny’ living in or visiting Gohan, then you are in luck! The centre is easily accessible from the main street and train station, and best of all, is free for foreigners to use!