Gohan (고한) Gangwon-do
River flowing through Gohan - Adam Gregory

Gohan (고한) is located towards the South East of Gangwon-do, in Jeongseon county. The region formerly enjoyed prosperity due to a large portion of the local mining industry being located there. However, since the closure of the mines, the population has dropped and employment opportunities can be difficult to come by for the locals. Gohan is still a developing town, and may look to some to be slightly grubby on first impression; however, visitors will find the locals to be friendly, hardworking and interested in the presence of foreigners in their quiet little town.

The town is also in constant development, and is known throughout the province. The landscape here is very mountainous, and Gohan itself sits around 700 metres above sea level. Because of it’s position in the North of the country, and it’s height in the mountains, it can sometimes experience colder temperatures than in other areas of South Korea. However, it still enjoys four distinct seasons, and will have its’ fair share of Summer sun. Winters are cold and very snowy, and the town comes alive in these cold months, as tourists flock to the various ski resorts in the area.

Gohan is neighboured by Sabuk (about 5 – 10 mins drive) on the West, and Taebaek (about 25 mins bus ride/15 mins train ride) on the South East.