Gangneung (강릉) Gangwon-do
Gyeongpo Beach - Roro Kilduff

Gangneung (강릉) is the number one choice for a lot of Westerners moving to Gangwon-do, for so many reasons. It’s a small city, with a beautiful layout right by the sea, with Gyeongpo Beach and Lake as it’s big attractions. It has a friendly atmosphere, and as far as historical stuff goes, it’s got all you need.

While it gets some very changeable weather, being right between the East Sea and the Taebaek Mountain Range does have its advantages - hiking, biking and water-sports in the Summer, and skiing, snowboarding and ice-climbing in Winter.

As cities go, Gangneung boasts one of the best layouts. The streets are lined with cherry blossoms in spring, red rose bushes in summer, and amazing color in autumn. In constant change, like Korea itself, the ‘Pine City’ as they call it, is undergoing continuous improvement, with armies of workers coming out in the wee hours of the morning to build forest walkways, plant new flowers on the streets, and clean the whole place. With fast and frequent transport links to Seoul, Gangneung is often the place to be for Seoulites seeking some fun outside of the capital.