Daejeon (대전) Chungcheongnam-do
Daejeon - Roxy Pearce & Dale Hutton

Daejeon is an up-and-coming city with plenty to do, if not always plenty to see. The city is renowned for its transportation links and is also very much the epicentre of technology and research. For most people it can be said to compare to the American Midwest or Birmingham, in the United Kingdom; a city with many industrial and economic links rather than full of sightseeing opportunities.

Daejeon is also home to some of Korea’s top Universities: KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Chungnam National University and Hanam Universityto name but three. In these areas (especially KAIST) one can expect to meet many international students, as well as many Koreans.

Daejeon is certainly a city with a tangible change of pace that is difficult to put into words: renowned for being a place you pass through rather than stay, Daejeonites are always pleasantly surprised when expats move to their town.

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