Spa Land Haeundae
The Steamy Roman Room - Sonja Freeman Overall Rating

Unfortunately for them, Spa Land has no English website. Hopefully that will be rectified – after all, Shinsegae is one of the world's largest department stores.

Actually that's one of the very few complaints about this place. Shall we get the others out of the way, in a classic bad-news-first way? Well, there could be more showers (sometimes there’s a short queue to rinse off); and the sauna is pretty well-lit... a little too well. It's like a doctor's exam room in there!

OK, there. The band-aid's off. Now for the good stuff. This place is (as expected) gorgeous. Instead of being just an up-scale version of a nice jjimjilbang, this is like stepping into a 5-star, ultra-modern hotel. Cool, flat stone; glass partitions; restrained decorative appearance; and plentiful meditation areas distinguish both the sauna and jjimjilbang from most others. An open floor plan and high glass ceilings also lend themselves to the modern aesthetic.

At first, you'll notice the grand lobby welcoming you to buy a ticket. It will cost you 12,000 won for a visit on a weekday, 14,000 on Saturday or Sunday (4 hour limit). You may notice the lack of screaming, running rugrats. The first real advantage of this spa: no children under 13 are allowed in. This most certainly improves the overall peace.