Nakdong Bird Park Nampo - Busan
Nakdong Bird Park Entrance - Chris Backe Overall Rating

Although it’s not yet considered one of the ‘must-see’ destinations while in Korea’s second-largest city, western Busan holds the Nakdong Estuary Migratory Bird Park and Eco Center (낙동강하구에코센터).

With 37.7 square kilometers of the southern coast protected, there’s plenty of room for the birds to roam or migrate. There’s enough room for humans to enjoy a picnic, as well.

When entering, it becomes fairly obvious that the Eco Center may be for the humans, but most of the 2.71 square kilometer park is for the birds. The majority of the park is a restricted area for the public, and street lamps are turned off at 8pm to minimize disturbing the animals.

The Eco Center near the park entrance is surprisingly excellent – it has been designed to both see the animals migrating here and learn about them at the same time. Recently constructed, there’s quite a bit of English available – and a lot of activities are geared towards kids.