Jagalchi Fish Market Nampo - Busan
Weighing some shells - Chris Backe
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The Jagalchi Fish Market should not be thought of as simply a tourist destination, even though that’s what some Busan maps or tourist publications would have you believe.

To go is to truly experience the commercial world of selling raw fish and other seafood products fresh from the ocean. There’s no one posing for your camera, and if you want some shells to take home as a souvenir, you’d better be prepared to buy the whole lot!

With that note in place, it is an incredible experience of sight, sound… and smell.

Arriving is simple enough: take the Busan subway line 1 to the Jagalchi subway station, exit 10 (although the fish market is actually in-between the Jagalchi and the Nampo-dong stations), and look for the big building near the water.

Alternatively, follow your nose – the market isn’t the only place where you can buy / see / smell fish, but the shops are congregated together.

Try also walking around to the back side of the building. There’s a great viewing area of the sea, and the ships coming in and out...