Haeundae Spa Center Haeundae
The front entrance - Chris Backe
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It’s time to clean off the salt, sand, and tanning lotion, but you don’t want to pay for a hotel room just to take a shower. Alternatively, you’ve been out in the sun and want to clean up before getting dressed up for a night on the town, Busan-style. Either are decent reasons to check out one of the local hot springs (‘jimjilbang’) around Busan.

Enter 해운대 온천 센터 (Haeundae Oncheon Senteo, or Haeundae Spa Center) as a great way to unwind.

A 24 hour spa / sauna awaits for a decent price – 5,000 won for just the hot springs bath, 7,000 won for the spa and sauna, and a bit more to check out the gym / health center another floor up.

After arriving at the building, go up to the 4th floor to check in and pay your admission fee. The female-only area is just around the corner, while the male-area only area is the next floor (take the stairs – it’s faster and easier). Once inside, show your receipt to get a uniform, then find a locker and stash your stuff. From there, get naked, take a shower, and slip into a bath.