Geumgang Park North Central Busan
View from the cable car - Chris Backe Overall Rating

Located near the bottom of 금정산 (Mt. Geumjeong), Geumgang Park offers a full day of exploration – from a large park, to the amusement rides; a cable car to a fortress, there’s plenty to take in. A Folk Art Museum and the Busan Marine National Marine Museum also beckon, in case the weather is acting up.

Near the entrance, after walking up one of the paths, you’ll discover a quiet theme / amusement park. These are mostly the sort of rides you'd see at a carnival setup in the parking lot of some big-box store, but more permanently placed. It tends to be pretty quiet though - even on a Saturday afternoon there are often very few people around.

The Geumgang Cable Car (called a ropeway or cable car, depending on the sign) offers a quick five-minute ride to the top of the mountain if you aren’t into hiking. The view from the ride is a reminder of how large Busan is, as well as how compact things are. Unlike the N Seoul Tower in Seoul, where you’ll see many buildings and few mountains, the landscape isn’t entirely taken up by concrete.

6,000 won gets you the round trip, and a sign outside the bottom office gives enough stats for the math-lovers (e.g. total distance: 1,260 meters; 540 meters above sea level; breaking strength of main rope 280 tons per meter).