Chungnyeolsa North Central Busan
Monument at the entrance - Chris Backe Overall Rating

Chungnyeolsa (충녈사) is a shrine dedicated to a number of Koreans killed during the Japanese invasion from 1592-1599. Imagine a small number of unprepared Koreans attempting to fight off a Japanese invasion force that was armed with matchlock guns – sound like anything from an American history book? This place honours the memory of those who were lost.

The shrine was first built in 1605, then moved in 1652 to its current location where a lecture hall was added. In 1709, 1736, and 1772, more people were enshrined in honor of their heroics, and the buildings have been repaired several times since then. The current shrine you can visit today is over 90,000 square meters, including a main hall, fifteen other structures, a small park, a pond, and a hiking trail to the remains of Dongnae Fortress. The result? A beautiful place to spend an afternoon reflecting on history and Korean patriotism.

An impressive monument greets you as you as walk in – 28.6 meters high, showing six various figures to represent “the resolute unity of Koreans in defending the nation.”