Choryang Street Nampo - Busan
Some of the streets at night - Chris Backe Overall Rating

‘Choryang Street for Foreigners’ – also known as ‘Texas Street’ or ‘Choryang Arcade’, is located across the street from Busan Station – a central hub of travelling throughout South Korea whether you’re arriving or leaving from Busan.

What makes this area interesting isn’t what it is today – it’s what it has been. During the Korean war, this area was known as Texas Street, a red-light/entertainment district described as “a hive of activity, a hybrid of Korea and the west” by a guidebook. Since then, it’s essentially been taken over by Russians – notice the Cyrillic on the right side of the entrance sign. ‘Foreigners’ in this area are just as likely to speak Russian or Chinese as they are English – in fact there’s a small Chinatown around.

Whatever language they speak, Busan has tried to bring some respectability to the area and renamed it the Choryang Street for Foreigners. It’s now considered a tourist destination by the city, an area that will continue to draw foreigners in from all around the world.

Like Itaewon in Seoul, there are plenty of stores selling imported stuff, as well as bars, a few clubs and restaurants to keep the place busy.