Haeundae - Area 5 Busan
View over Yonggumgsa - Busan Awesome

As seemingly any Korean person will tell you, Haeundae is the most famous beach in Korea. There’s good reason for this. It’s a really big, really nice beach. It’s got an aquarium nearby. It’s got loads of hotels and restaurants both along the beach and in the streets behind it.

In short, it’s the ideal tourist beach for somebody who wants to relax for a week.

The downside is that every person in Korea, and maybe half the people in Japan seem to all show up for the same two month period when the beach is literally covered with over 12,000 parasols. At that time, it’s worth walking past, if not necessarily being a part of.

The Haeundae district itself is also home to some interesting places worth checking out...