North Central Busan - Area 3 Busan
The view from Mt. Geumjeong - Chris Backe

This area around Dongnae is vast, and encompasses a mixed bag of some of Busan’s best things - including its biggest mountain (Mt Geumjeong), largest spa (Heosimcheong), baseball stadium (Lotte Giants), and the amazing party area around Pusan National University (PNU).

Dongnae itself was once a separate city, and was the principal port of South Korea; just as famous for its Pajeon (a green onion pancake) as its industy.

Pusan National University (PNU) is one of Korea's finest colleges, and is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. However, it's students aren't all work and no play, and as such the area surrounding the campus is well-known for its vibrant nightlife and shopping opportunities. Head there if you're looking for a party atmosphere with a good mix of expats and young Koreans.

Once you've had enough of baseball and partying, make sure you check out Chungnyeolsa; a beautiful memorial shrine surrounded by nature, ponds and hiking trails.

This area of Busan may be away from the beaches, but still makes for an awesome time.