Nampo - Area 1 Busan
Cliffs at Amnam Park - Busan Awesome

When talking to locals and expats, Nampo is often recommended as their favourite part of Busan. As much as they may dread the long commute from Haeundae, they’re always happy to be there.

“Long after we’ve left, we imagine our lingering mental imagery of Busan will focus on Nampo. We love the port feel, the fish market, and wonderful mix of old and new. The crowded shopping district,combining all the trendy clothing stores with the crowded market. The surrounding areas provide some of the best scenery Busan has to offer as well. And all this,only two subway stations from Busan station. Most people come to Busan for Haeundae and Gwangalli, but Nampo is definitely not to be missed.”

- Dave Faulk & Tom McKee of Busan Awesome.