Busan Tower Nampo - Busan
A panorama from the top - Chris Backe
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The Busan Tower, located inside Yongdusan Park, remains one of the best spots to see the whole city – water and land – in a sweeping 360 degree view. While not as tall as the Seoul Tower, I liked the view from Busan better – and less pollution means less haze. At 120 meters tall (about 394 feet), it’s Busan’s most obvious and well-known landmark, and is located inside a fully-fledged park.

Leading up to Yongdusan Park is a series of 4 covered elevators which makes getting up to the park a lot easier. Getting down, however, requires you to take the stairs – consider yourself warned. Yongdu means ‘the head of a dragon’, since the area is shaped like the head of one of these creatures, coming out from the sea.

Admission to both the tower observation deck and the museum is 5,500 won – the only places to see that aren’t free.
The Museum of Musical Instruments of the World can also be found here – and it truly is a museum of world instruments. It’s striking to see how many differences there are – and how many similarities. Most instruments – no matter where you are in the world – have the musician strum or pluck a string, beat on a drum, blow into a pipe with holes, and the like. There are a few unique instruments that don’t fit these molds – the Tibetian singing bowl, a bagpipe, etc.